Çelikkes Demir Çelik

Çelikkes Demir Çelik supplies steel raw materials with the aim of bringing a difference to the steel industry.

We provide our customers with quality at an affordable cost, responding to specific product needs. In addition to the rapid delivery from our storage that is located in Bursa, we also provide technical support and consultancy services with our experienced team and find suitable solutions for our customers’ needs. In this context, we contribute at every stage from design to production of any plastic component project.

As Çelikkes Demir Çelik, we continue our way with sure steps in the sector by increasing our business volume every year by following the technology and innovations by using the knowledge and experience we have acquired today.

Why Us?

Take a look at our strengths.

Supply Chain

We develop customized and value-added solutions for our customers and offer high technology products with a wide product range. We provide procurement, technical support and full and fast delivery schedule from domestic / foreign stocks.

Sales and Technical Service

In order to respond to the different needs of our customers, we are assured that our product quality is protected from the moment that the request is taken until delivery of products with our integrated supply chain.

Wide Product Range

We supply both profitable and metal materials for the various sectors with the capacity and quality to meet your demands in order to serve you the best.

Storage and On-time Delivery

We are delivering all kinds of products at the right time with our closed storage area for fast and on-site response to the changing demands of the sectors.